Middle Ear Infections and Grommets

As a paediatrician I often see children with vague complaints of “fever, crying, runny nose, lack of appetite”. Often I see a red eardrum to blame for the symptoms. But is it always necessary to treat ear infection with antibiotics? And when should your child get grommets?

Colds and Flu

With all the hype around Covid-19 it is easy to forget that the “run-of-the-mill” viruses that cause the common cold are still around and can still be the reason for your little one’s runny nose. It is however very important to follow all the Covid-19 regulations and keep your child at home if they do develop any sniffles.

Medicine Maneuvers

Giving your child medicine safely can be complicated. Many parents feel the pressure when a young child needs certain medications, knowing that giving too much or too little could cause serious side effects or not help effectively. [pdf id=4419]

Fever in Children

What is a fever? When should I take my child to an emergency room with a fever? [pdf id=4417]